Urgent Locksmith Ayr

Urgent Locksmith Ayr knows all about front door, interior doors, sliding doors, security screen doors and any other type of door you have. All it takes for us to come and help is a phone call, so call Urgent Locksmith Ayr today. Call for our Urgent Locksmith Ayr all 24/7!

Urgent Locksmith Ayr

Urgent Locksmith Ayr

If you need help, we are here for you at all times. We are a door service company and there are many kinds of door we service. Our service is on call for all your door and lock problems, at any time.

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Front Doors are often the first thing your guests will see. Your front door is like a first impression so you want it to be beautiful and welcoming; but also a deterrent to any of the bad guys looking to break in. The door will also come with many different security options; and you will be able to choose what kind of locking mechanisms you want to have. Front doors are also very adaptable to home security systems and surveillance units. We’ll have plenty of choices for you.

Security Screen Doors are the thick iron screen doors that are in front of your front door or back door. They are often just as secure as any door in the house; and very difficult to break. You’ll be sure to discourage intruders with a security screen door.

The custom sidelights are the sections on each side of your front door that are usually there for a fine look; and to add natural sunlight into your home. We recommend incorporating a security alarm system when you have sidelights; or use faux glass that cannot be broken for access.

Custom Double Doors are exactly as you would imagine. Instead of one door, you have two. Sometimes one of the doors is stationary or set in a fixed position while only one side is used for entry. Though a single door is usually sturdier and therefore more secure; double doors can still provide a high degree of elegance while providing top security as well.

Storm Doors are very similar to security screen doors and are usually incorporated; to allow for a second layer of security as well as protection from harsh weather.

To ensure your door is secured properly, call our experienced and certified security door specialist; we will hang, hinge, set and rehang your doors. Call Urgent Locksmith Ayr for any kind of door repairs, door replacement or door installation service. Call us 24/7!