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Urgent Guelph Locksmith keep it going and serve you property for many more years to come when it’s about locks and doors and even keys. Call for our Urgent Guelph Locksmith to provide you with a safe lock for any of your doors. Our Urgent Guelph Locksmith is here for you at any time!

Urgent Guelph Locksmith

Urgent Guelph Locksmith

Some home owners are happy to tackle this job themselves; many will leave shower door installation and repair to the professionals. Our professional is just as important as the dimensions of the shower; or tub when it comes to ensuring a good fit ; and long-lasting operation.

Call for our help and have our team come to you in 15 to 20 minutes to start working!

If you are simply calling for repair, our service is the perfect choice. They can replace rollers, repair broken glass, and fix hinges. What this means for you: A fast and effective solution for many different annoyances on any part of your property; all for one single (and very reasonable) price. If your job is more involved (replacing large components in a custom shower enclosure, for example); you will need to call our team who specializes in this specific kind of work.

To keep it going and serve you property for many more years to come, here are some fiber glass shower stall maintenance tips. While a fiber glass  shower stall is a basic for all bath-rooms; with time the shine seems fades because of continuous use. Most of us wish to make these stalls last a long time and keep their brand-new look intact. That can be done by following a few simple maintenance steps. These steps are neither heavy on your pockets nor are they difficult to implement.

You can call us for help all 24/7!

Cleaning the Stall. With regular use, the stall surface becomes foggy due to exposure to water and soaps that form a grimy scum over the fiber. Use a shampoo or liquid soap to clean the surface. Simply wipe the cleaning agent all over; and then wipe it with a fresh rag or wet sponge. If you do not want to use these products, make do with a vinegar-soaked sponge or baking soda dissolved in water. Apply it and let the stall walls dry naturally. See the results for yourself. Your shower stall becomes as good as new.

Never use a hard material on the walls of the stall. Doing so leads to scratches, which mar the elegance of your shower stall. Make sure that the shower door is left open after taking a bath to prevent condensation. Prolonged condensation interferes with the transparency of the stall walls; that cannot be restored with any amount of cleaning.

Urgent Guelph Locksmith is ready at all times to come and install a door for you. Call us all 24/7 for help.