Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Baden Team

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Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Baden Team

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Baden Team

A popular reason for a broken storm door closer is the amount of normal daily traffic going in and out. Everyday usage alone can cause the closer to work overtime in homes with large families; putting extra stress and strain on the closer’s components.

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Additional reasons for a storm door closer to not work properly include:

  • Internal springs wearing out or rusting over time
  • Springs becoming  not adjusted, which prevents the door closer from closing properly
  • maybe the spring tension needing an adjustment to accommodate the weight of the door
  • Faulty or improperly installed latch that secures the door preventing the door closer from doing its job

However, while it is inconvenient to have a non working storm door, it is not a very hard do-it-yourself project; if you are technically incline. With a few tools and materials and a little time, you can put your storm door back in working condition. We will give you some tips on how do to it and what tools you will have to have. To fix the problem of a malfunctioning storm door closer; gather all tools and materials together to be ready. As tools, you will need a corded drill and a drill bit set, a 4-in-1 screwdriver, finishing nails; storm door jamb reinforcement, some wood putty and wood paint.

Removing the Storm Door Bracket. Whenever a storm door closer is subjected to unusual usage that it is not designed to handle; it can stress the storm door bracket to the point that it breaks, warps; or is torn out of the door jamb. If torn from the jamb, it can result in additional damage, such as a cracked door frame. Also, a possibility is the mounting hardware necessary to hold the bracket in place; becoming loose, or the mounting screws are stripped; making them useless to retain the bracket in place.

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