Team Guelph Locksmith

Team Guelph Locksmith provides services in the area, with a 24 hours and 7 days a week availability for all your lock, door and key problems. Our Team Guelph Locksmith will be fast at the place you need us, with one phone call. Call for our Team Guelph Locksmith to help you all 24/7!

Team Guelph Locksmith

Team Guelph Locksmith

All locks on homes, cars, and / or businesses should never get in the way of security but broken locks do just that. Our company trains each of our techs to determine the problem of any broken lock. It is important to keep in mind that not all broken locks can be fixed. In fact, many locks that are damaged need to be replaced to maintain proper levels of security.

We will be at your side in 15-20 minutes when you call and need service immediately. Our team fast response time will make sure that you never have to wait longer than necessary. We value all of our customers whether you need emergency service or simply want to make an appointment.

Call any time schedule an appointment that best fits your schedule.


Lock Repair is one of our services we offer if one or more of your locks constantly giving you trouble. Damaged locks can result in all kind of problems. One faulty lock might endlessly turn but refuses to actually lock or unlock; while another one might simply get jammed every now and then? Did your key get jammed in the lock? This is also probably the result of damage.

Whether you are installing brand new locks or simply in need of replacing an older lock; our team may be the right choice for you. We use state of the art technology and offer wide, brand-name selection. There are many reasons why one might seek lock installation or lock replacement service. The three primary reasons that someone might want a new lock are 1) security upgrade; 2) want a new design, and 3) replace a damaged or broken lock. Our team of locksmith technicians can take care of all locks; no matter what the reason is.

Call Team Guelph Locksmith to find out more about local offers in your area. We are available 24 hours a day. Call us now!