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By: locksmith | Date: February 3, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

One of the services provided by a locksmith Waterloo is re-keying of locks and ignition. If you have not thought about re-keying yet or you do not feel the need to take up the service then read on to learn the most common reasons for re-keying locks.

First and most importantly re-keying locks should be done when a key is lost or stolen. If you lost your bag and the keys are in it, one of the most rational follow up actions you can do is change the locks all over your house as well as your car. Robbers are wise cracks who will make use of the identification information found inside your bag. Should they find your address in there, they can look for your home and confidently use your duplicate key. Key duplication is not enough and does not promise greater security at all.

As soon as you move into a pre-owned property, get a locksmith to rekey the locks in the house. You will have no way of knowing the history of the people who previously lived in the house. It is possible that at some point the earlier owners have lost one of their duplicate keys and did not bother to change the locks in the house because they were about to move out anyway.

The same goes with pre-owned vehicles; you must order a rekey as soon as you are in possession of the car. It is your best defense against car theft; and just imagines, if someone breaks in your house, you could lose a few good pieces, if someone takes hold of a key to your car, you will lose the car and everything in it.

As a rule, all pre-owned properties must be rekeyed to safeguard yourself and your family from burglars and robbers. It does not matter if you know the previous owners; the point is; only you and your designated trusted persons should be granted sole access to your home or car.

A previous burglary, attempted trespassing, or even attempted lock picking should propel you to rekey your locks. Moreover, it would be beneficial to rekey your locks if you have been away for a great amount of time, whether for a holiday or work assignment. If you are not satisfied with simple rekeying, you may choose to upgrade your locks with high-grade security equipment.

Rekeying your locks does not entirely mean that you are a completely untrusting person; it simply is a way to protect your turf. When you go to bed at night, it will bring you added peace of mind to know that no unauthorized person has free access to your property and that when you wake up in the morning, everything is still in its place.

Locksmiths Waterloo recognize your need for protection and they can respond to your needs immediately and professionally. Their expert workers are very well trained to ensure their efficiency. Before they are deployed, the locksmiths undergo a stringent screening and background check to ensure their trustworthiness.

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