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Ready Locksmith Cambridge

One way to bring your entrance door up to the safety code is to remove any architectural barriers. The safety code refers to anything that can create a problem; with an entrance way as an architectural barrier. If a new door is installed and the architectural barrier remains; then the problems has not been solved. Worse yet, the cost of buying a new door was for nothing.

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One of these ways is to have a clear opening. Ensure the door has a clear opening of 32 inches at a 90 degree angle when opened. The measurements here are based on the distance between the face of the door and the opposite stop. Generally, if the door is not able to open to the specified length; then likely there is an obstruction in the interior or at the exterior of the entrance way. Rather than eliminating the door, clearing out the obstructions in the entrance way can address the problem.

In certain cases, the problem is not with the door but, rather, with sidewalks or steps. Re-doing the sidewalk in front of the entrance so it is lower; or rebuilding the steps to be better accessible can be viable solutions. While there is some cost involved; the need to replace a highly expensive security door does not have to be part of the equation. Or you may want to consider making some minor modifications.

The door itself might pose certain problems, but these problems can sometimes be fixed with minor modifications. For example, a new doorknob or door push bar; can be installed to make the entrance way safety code compliant. Connecting the door to an automated opening system could be another plan of action to follow. Quite a number of automatic opening systems are fully compatible; with most modern doors so the door itself likely will not have to be replaced.

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