Patio Door Lock – Patio Door Security

By: Total | Date: January 8, 2016 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Professional Patio Door Lock Installation

Patio door security is not reliable in and of itself, however, it is not hard to make your patio door more secure, in fact there is a very easy way to do so and that is with a security bar. We have all seen them, the broken off broom handle placed in the patio door runners to keep someone from being able to open the door without removing the broom handle first. The best way to improve the patio door security in your home is to add additional and also visible Patio Door Locks. Rely on a professional locksmith to guarantee that your locks are more than just attractive.

While this seems rudimentary, and almost archaic, it is wise, as six out of ten burglaries, begin with entry through the back of the house. Three out of ten require no force at all; they are through open doors and windows! Thus, by even using a very archaic method to better secure your doors, you significantly reduce your chances of being burglarized etc. If you watch television you know that by breaking glass you not only have the problem of noise, but you also have the problem with DNA testing if blood is left at the scene. Thus, breaking in by literally breaking, does not happen much more. So, having some sort of patio door security besides the flimsy door lock is a great idea!

The locks that come as a basic with patio doors are generally put together with materials that are soft and brittle. Most will snap off or break if put under pressure. So, the best way to improve the patio door security in your home is to add additional and also visible locks. If you want the best patio door security possible, then look for a security bar with a patented locking device that can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of force. Look for patio door security bars, and make sure they have features that also prevent thieves from lifting the door off the track.

Why would you want to have your patio door security be visible? Well, for one, if a burglar can see how secure the door is, they are less likely to damage it at all in an attempt to get in. many times they can see that their feat is hopeless, and they may not even try to begin with.

It makes sense to add additional locks as they are relatively inexpensive, do not take much time or effort to fit to your patio door, and are generally not much of a hassle, and are easy to operate; thus, your life becomes more secure, and you do not have any inconvenience.

Part of your patio door security is for your own security, you will need to have quick and easy ways out, not just in, so if you have patio door security that that requires a key, it would be wise to keep the key near the lock, but hidden from outside view. This will mean that should you need to exit your home quickly, you won’t have to search for a key, or break glass, but simply leave quickly.

Another form of patio door security is found in the glass. You can improve security not just with a security bar, but also by replacing single glazed glass with polycarbonate or wire-embedded glass.

Another problem with patio door security is that often the glass is not broken or whatnot, but the door is actually lifted right off the track. Drive a screw into the top of the upper track to keep thieves from lifting the door off the track.