Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock

Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock can help you with any lock, with all kinds of locks, even those on a patio door or a mailbox or a garage door. Call for our special Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock help to protect your home. Our Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock will make sure your doors are safe and no one can force their way into your property. Call us today!

Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock

Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock


Our door service is available for any home owner that wants to improve the safety and security of their homes.  We service your locks with our mobile and fast team of expert locksmiths. Our service will be at your door in 20 minutes from the time you call for our help.

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Patio doors are sometimes the easiest entry point for criminals.  People leave them slightly open and think because it is not on the ground floor; it is out of reach of criminals or putting a dowel in the track will deter criminals from entry.  Unfortunately, we have news for you: craftier criminals know how to get the dowel out of the way; and they can procure ladders. Of course, having a dowel offers more security than not having a dowel; but having a patio lock with a spring-loaded bolt will be a much better solution to the problem.

There are many ways to get in through a patio door for the criminal.  The round perforation can be knocked out, giving access to the lock mechanism. They can knock out the perforation in your patio door handle and unlock the door with a screwdriver.  If there is a  round bit of metal in the center of your sliding patio door with a perforation; that is to put a lock cylinder in. 

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If you or somebody else knocks that perforation out of the patio door, the lock becomes accessible’ and anybody can then unlock the door with a flat head screwdriver.  To prevent this, consider getting a patio door handle without a perforation; or get a lock cylinder to put in the hole.  This cylinder can match your front door and they are available in a wide number of ways. 

For whatever reason these are not standard key-in-knob cylinders.  They are often cheap and of non-standard dimensions.  Our search continues for high quality patio door cylinders of the correct form factor; but until then we must make due with these which solve a big vulnerability. Call now and our Night 24 Hour Locksmith Woodstock will help you.