Locksmiths Woodstock Team

Locksmiths Woodstock Team has teams all over your area, as we are in town at all times, ready to provide the service you are calling for. Our Locksmiths Woodstock Team has an arrival time to your door, of 15 to 20 minutes. Call for our Locksmiths Woodstock Team to help you today!

Locksmiths Woodstock Team

Locksmiths Woodstock Team


 Doors often stick, as this is a common problem for doors that are exposed to the elements.  If you have wooden-framed doors that have seen better days but still work great,call us.  We invite you to call  team to enjoy a fast and affordable service.

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With the time, the finish deteriorates, the wood expands, contracts and pores open in the wood. Moisture penetrates into the pores and causes rot. This usually occurs around the perimeter of the door; and doesn’t really affect the integrity of the door. If yours has rot but still works fine, don’t replace it. Repair it with resin glue that penetrates and dries hard as glass.

We are here for you if you wish to repair your French Doors, adjust them replace them; or have a new door installed. Our  service is ready to provide you with help, no matter if you call day or night. is always available to help. Call us now to make all your doors safe and secure. 

Often the doors stick because the wood swelled from moisture. If this is the case, follow the steps below to widen the door frame.

  • Mark the spot where the door is sticking to the door frame.
  • Remove the door from the hinges.
  • Sand down the area that you marked with a sander and sandpaper. Make sure you sand down enough of the door to keep it from sticking. When you think you sanded down enough, re-hang the door. If it still sticks, repeat the process.
  • Paint the sanded area with varnish.

There are quite some steps involved, and time, proper tools and experience needed. So, call the Locksmiths Woodstock Team if you need help. Our prices are affordable and we come to you in 20 minutes.