Locksmiths Wellesley Team

Locksmiths Wellesley Team works around the clock, providing the best work around the area, with quality supplies, fast arrival time and on call 24/7. Call Locksmiths Wellesley Team today for a reliable help. Our Locksmiths Wellesley Team has everything on board of our shops on wheels, ready to help.

Locksmiths Wellesley Team

Locksmiths Wellesley Team


We offer fast response and quality repair service to those who are victims of burglary. Have you been the victim of a break-in and have a damaged door? We will come to you in 20 minutes from your call to provide the repair or replacement service you need. With our service you will have quality door repair service to secure your property fast, reliable and affordable.

Call us 24/7!

We provide round the clock emergency door repair across the city. Our rapid response team is available 24 hours a day and responds within minutes. Call us at any time, as we have an ongoing 24-hour support. We will provide advice and where required; and we will dispatch one of our expert door installers or locksmiths to assist.

We aim to provide a quick and affordable solution to replace or repair your damaged door. We keep our prices competitive offering free estimates; with our services covering all of the area. Most jobs can be priced over the phone; and we will happily submit a quote if you send us pictures or technical drawings.

We can repair or replace your door, we can install new doors and also take care of doors locks, handles, hinges and panels.
We are offering a Complete Door Repair Service; all 24 hours a day, so call us whenever you need help. 

If your door was damaged in a burglary attempt, if the jams, hinges or panels have damage; we will come to your help. If you want a new door , call us. We will also be able to make the best recommendations for you, to fit your needs and budget. Locksmiths Wellesley Team have mobile teams around the city, able to reach you in 20 minutes, whenever you call. Call us now!