Locksmiths Waterdown Team

Locksmiths Waterdown Team can provide you with all the help you need to repair or install a door, a lock, or even to make a new key for you. Call Locksmiths Waterdown Team to help today! Locksmiths Waterdown Team are in town all 24/7, working day and night.

Locksmiths Waterdown Team

Locksmiths Waterdown Team

Doors are vulnerable to building or ground movement that can shift the doors out of alignment. We know that doors occasionally are in need of alignment soon after installation; because their weight causes them to settle. Regardless of the cause, when calling  team, the job will be done properly; the doors will align and operate as they should.

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There are few possibilities to why your doors are irregular; and there are also few ways to fix it. The problem can be with the hinges and screws; or the problem can be fixed by inserting some wood shims. Both can be done by you, if you know your way with tools; or by calling us 24/7 to help. 

To verify first if the hinges and screws are the problem; open the doors fully and stabilize each with a doorstop; (if you have French doors, then both of them). Tighten the screws in the hinges at the edges of the doors; and at the faces of the doorjambs at each side of the opening. If a screw spins and won’t tighten snugly, remove the screw; and install a 3-inch brass or silver wood screw that matches the finish; of the original screws.

Remove the doorstops. Close the doors and inspect the alignment at the top edges and the seam; where the doors meet. If tightening and replacing screws did not fix your doors or the uneven French doors; you will have to insert wood shims.

Open the door at the side and stabilize it with a doorstop. Use a wood chisel and hammer to carefully remove; the vertical piece of casing along the side of the doorjamb. Pry the bottom portion of the casing away from. Locksmiths Waterdown Team is already in town, so call us for help!