Locksmiths Saint George Team

Locksmiths Saint George Team is around your property with shops on wheels, ready to provide the service for doors and locks you want. Day, night, weekends or holidays, our Locksmiths Saint George Team is here for you. Call Locksmiths Saint George Team today!

Locksmiths Saint George Team

Locksmiths Saint George Team

All of our teams can also install for you new doors and new lock, handles, hinges and more. Whatever your door needs are,  our services can solve them. You only have to call and our mobile teams will help you at any time.

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There are many reasons locks can fail, the most common cause is the age of the mechanism and lack of servicing. Often when a lock fails it can be a good opportunity to replace the lock; with an upgraded one for more security or as a result of insurance company recommendations.

Handles and hinges can be replaced without the need to replace a whole door. Age and exposure to the elements can cause rusting to the gear box and mechanism; causing hinges and handles to fail. When certain parts are unavailable often due to age; our suppliers can offer alternative replacements. We also offer a wide range of handles should you wish to change style or color.

Invisible repairs can be considered for chips, cracks and general damage to door and window frames. Repairs can quite often be done to a perfect finish ; without the need to replace the frames making it more cost effective. Invisible repairs can be done on wood grain effect as well as white.

If your Door Panel has damages with age, weathering or other causes; we can replace just the panel without need for an entire frame. This alone could save over 50% of the cost of a complete new front door. Also, if you are looking to refresh or upgrade your front door; this may well be a good option to consider. We install a wide range of styles available on today’s market. Call Locksmiths Saint George Team today for help! We are always ready to provide the service for doors and locks you want.