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Locksmiths Kitchener Help

Locksmiths Kitchener Help

Most exterior doors have some sort of weather stripping; which is around the inner frame of the door for drought exclusion.  If this stripping starts to deteriorate or comes away it can leave gaps which; if not repaired, can lead to further damage to the door caused by cold and wet weather. 

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In untreated wooden doors this can lead to door swelling if the weather conditions are humid. The gaps will also cause heat loss from the house which can increase heating bills.  The weather stripping compresses once the locking points are engaged; creating a water tight seal to help prevent water coming through.

Door frames can also be responsible for preventing a door from opening or closing.  If the frame is swollen or cracked it can interfere with the normal operation of the door.  If a frame is damaged around the hinges it can cause the hinges to come away; which will cause alignment problems. If a door frame is swollen it can prevent a door from opening or closing.

The good news is repairing a door frame isn’t usually as expensive or as complex as repairing a door.  If you have a problem with your locks or doors give us a call.  We’re available 24 hours a day.

Our teams will repair, replace and install any kind of residential or commercial door needed.  Our service is fast and always available 24/7; because we know the importance of having a good door to keep you safe. Call for our  around the clock and around the year. We are here for you day and night!

A door keeps intruders from entering your place. It also keeps insects and environmental elements out. They can save energy by keeping cool or warm air in. These doors can suppress or block noise from machinery, background, traffic or any other undesirable sounds. Call Locksmiths Kitchener Help to solve any door and lock problem!