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Locksmith Wellesley Service

Locksmith Wellesley Service

We know that there are some “first aid” measures you can take when a lock is acting on you. If you think to use WD-40 for those locks, the answer is easy. Do not ever use one in your car locks. WD-40 and similar petroleum based lubricants can, over time dry; into a sticky film that not only stops the moving parts inside the lock; but also traps the dirt and road grime leading to all sorts of lock failure.

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WD-40 is the lubricant of choice for house, office, hotel type locks. In this application, it works great. Car locks are a whole different thing. The locks come from the factory pre-greased; and putting WD-40 in them is only going to make mud. For the health and longevity of your vehicle locks; we recommend using a Teflon or silicon based lube. These are found in most hardware and home improvement stores.

A key that has a device inside which transmits and receives data, is a transponder key. These devices contain one of over a trillion unique codes. When the key is into the ignition, the transponder sends a signal; to a disc-shaped antenna mounted behind the steering wheel.

If the signal is recognized by the vehicles immobilizer, then the engine will start. If the signal is not recognized or has been weakened by damage to the transponder; then the immobilizer will shut down operating systems to the engine and it will not run. This technology greatly reduces the risk of auto theft and provides a peace of mind for the vehicles owner.

Every car has a different program. Most transponder keys come with a fix code. This means that it cannot change to match the vehicle. The solution to this is to program the vehicle to recognize the new code; with a variety of equipment that depends on the year make and model of the vehicle. Locksmith Wellesley Service is on call 24/7 to help you with any kind of lock service, day or night. Call us 24/7!