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By: locksmith | Date: July 24, 2013 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Imagine the situation when we lost our bike or car- keys and our condition became miserable. We tried different ways to open the lock but couldn’t do that so our condition became more pathetic. The only person who helped us to come out of this miserable condition was none other than a locksmith Waterloo who, just on one call, reached at our spot to help us getting out of trouble and at that time he proved to be a blessing .History of locksmiths is very old. Ancient people used to protect their belongings in different ways like they used to bury their gold in earth or hide it at some other place so that no one could see it. Similarly they used to protect their money and precious things by hiding it in clothes etc. But all of these ways to protect their belongings were not so safe.Then around 4000b.c Egyptians made the first lock. After that people used to keep their things in locks because it was more safe method to protect their valuable things like gold and money. Obviously, credit belonged to those people who discovered this method and later they were started to be called as locksmiths.

Locksmithing is now a whole profession which not only includes simple lock making and repairing but technological advances has made it a profession of worth choosing even research is being carried out in this field. Locksmith Waterloo now make electronic locks which don’t need any kind of keys. They just provide you a number password to open or close your locks. We can say that now 24 Hour locksmith Waterloo have come out of lock picking and repairing and they are going exponentially towards technological advancements. Due to increasing number of crime rate of theft and burglary home security has become a major issue for law implementing departments and importance of locksmiths has increased a lot.

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