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Many people automatically think they should pay a visit to the auto dealer when something goes wrong with the lock on their vehicle instead of looking into Automotive Locksmith Waterdown. This is especially common in the case of a malfunctioning transponder. However, the Locksmith Waterdown is usually more knowledgeable in these areas and can provide the best service. There are several reasons for this including expertise, mobile service, ability to create laser cut keys, and cost.

Compare Areas of Expertise

Because Automotive Locksmith Waterdown  specialize in a variety of locking mechanisms and keys, they are always better at doing any job that involves locks. While the technicians at the auto dealer are very proficient in their work of repairing a vehicle, they have a more general knowledge of the entire car, where a Locksmith Waterdown’s area of expertise is more specific and precise. Therefore, they can always be counted on to have up to date information on how to work with all the latest locks and keys.

Mobile Service Wins

When all keys to a vehicle are lost, the auto dealership will require the car to be towed to their location. Automotive Locksmith Waterdown, however, specializes in just this type of emergency situation and can therefore provide a mobile service that will arrive on site within about an hour. Some Locksmith Waterdown charges a small fee for this, but it will never be as high as that towing bill would be. Another major benefit to the mobile service is that they are available at any hour of the day, unlike most dealerships who work during set business hours.

Ability to Create Transponder Keys

A new trend in vehicles is to have laser cut keys. These promote greater security, but also require the use of extremely expensive equipment to create. It is very unlikely that any auto dealerships would carry this equipment on site. Instead, they will have customers wait up to a week for another company to create the key and deliver it to them. While, not every Locksmith Waterdown has this equipment, there are several Automotive Locksmith Waterdown that do. When calling around, just be sure to ask the technician how long they take to create these keys.

Money Talks

It is a fact that dealerships over charge for most services. Seemingly simple services like lock repair are no exception. They typically charge a flat fee for a job instead of charging by the hour. This means they have already calculated an average amount of time they might spend on a given job and structured their fees accordingly. Even if this particular job ends up taking much less time, they’ll still charge the predetermined price. Automotive Locksmith Waterdown doesn’t typically work that way and their fees are generally much more reasonable.

No matter what sort of trouble a lock or key is causing, it is always best to check with a local Locksmith Waterdown before contacting the auto dealer. Finding someone who specializes in the particular locking mechanism you need is easy. Just be sure to ask the Automotive Locksmith Waterdown  about the specific details of the key or lock that needs repairs.


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