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By: locksmith | Date: January 21, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Locksmith Vaughan provide all forms of services. It’s happened to just about everyone that they have locked themselves out of their car, home or workplace. Not everyone carries a set of spare keys and sometimes if you lock yourself out, you may not have those keys in possession. So then you are left to call a locksmith, who will come unlock the door for a fee. Depending on the type of lock, the security measures in place, a customer can expect to spend anywhere between $5 – $60, sometimes more if the locksmith has to do any electrical engineering due to biometric or encoded key card locks.

All of this is simple enough, the problem is occurs when the locksmith in Vaughan, is not actually located where at the location given online. This is one trick that is being used by scam artists. They will give local address and when the customer calls they are given an affordable price quote. But once locksmith arrives on the scene and completes the job they will charge you a much higher price than originally quoted. And if the actual distance is far from the local address, the customer is also forced into paying expensive travel fees. What’s even worse is some of these scam artists will take the name of a legitimate locksmith in Vaughan, pose as that business and scam customers. Then the legitimate business suffers negative ratings and bad customer reviews, from those they never serviced.

The unfortunate side of this is sometimes it is impossible to be taken by one of these fraudulent locksmith companies. They do a good job as advertising themselves as reputable businesses, even going as far as faking positives customer reviews. The BBB has received hundreds of complaints from customers who have been victims of this latest scam. If one is caught unaware, which is typically in the case of needing a Vaughan locksmith, it is easy to fall prey bad locksmiths in Vaughan. The good way to counter ever having this happen to you, is always contacted the BBB to see the business rating before hiring for a job. The best way to avoid this is save the number of a nationwide agency that has locksmiths in Vaughan. Save the number of a well-known company that you know of or have friends, family or associates who can vouch for the company’s reputation of not changing a quoted price and has great customer service.


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