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By: locksmith | Date: March 17, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

It can be extremely frustrating when you lock yourself out of your car, especially when you have kids or pets inside with the car engines running. You can’t think of anything else but to get the Thornhill Locksmith as soon as you can and get the kids and pets out and shut out the engine. And in a hurry to get the locksmith, you might not think about getting hold of a scam artist who might not know much about the job and will give you a low quote but will change it to a much bigger price when he completes work. If he works on hourly basis, then he might stretch the work unnecessarily so that the job which could easily be completed in an hour will take two instead.

Ask Friends and Neighbors

It is therefore very important that you conduct a research on the Thornhill locksmiths in your area before calling one to help you in an emergency. It is very easy to find out reliable locksmiths in your area. The simple way of doing it is to consult with your friends and neighbour’s who live there. Since it is very likely that they must have hired a locksmith to get them out of their locking problems, they can tell you their experiences with the locksmiths. Some of them might have encountered trustworthy and professional locksmiths who did a great job. But others might have hired scam artists who charged them too much, damaged their property and caused a lot of tension. Based on their feedback, you can think of hiring the right person for the job.

Search the Internet

Another place where you can search for Thornhill Locksmith is on the Internet. By just typing in the keyword and the area where you live in Thornhill, you can get scores of search results. But these can be the names of scam artists who may be on the lookout to cheat you off your money. They advertise very low charges which will sound alluring to you. But after you call them, they will take a long time to do a simple job and thus increase the number of work hours. They might also break the locks causing you to buy new ones to replace the old ones. Therefore, even if you locate locksmiths on the Internet, you should enquire more about them before you hire them.

Look at the Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages of your city will give you the names of many Thornhill locksmiths too. But you will be faced with the same problem again. You must verify that the locksmith is a good one before hiring him. In most probability, you will ask for a quote and you should be suspicious if he gives a low quote. If you agree to hire him on the basis of the quote, verify this again when he comes to your house. It is always better to have a written estimate. It can also sound suspicious if the Thornhill locksmiths write about replacement costs in the estimate as they are expected to repair the locks and not replace them. In this way, you can locate the right locksmith.

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