Different Types of Locks and Keys


Locks and keys are very important for security measures. There are many kinds of all these things like, Medeco patented lock, which has very important design for security measures. In this locks cuts of keys are unique in every lock and they allow the cylinder of lock to move its angle when you insert and move key, cuts of key force the pins of lock and work to open it. These pins are of different types, which are present inside the lock. Like chisel, tipped pins rotate along the sidebar of lock, which allow the sidebar to drop down when one rotation of pins go in right direction. With the help of chisel pins, every lock has two types of these chisel pins. Due to its Varity, keys of these locks become too much secure. There are more than 2,176,782,336 key’s combination, this number not include the ways through which a key operate. Now days most important and secure type of locks and keys are deadbolts. Although deadbolts are, secure but not so much secure, as they should be.

Many locksmith in toronto prefer to use Medico, Mul-T-Lock or jimmy proof locks. You can also take guide from any locksmith and through online resources about security measures and important of locks and keys and their types, their uses, their selection etc. Keep this in mind that selection is the most important factor for purchasing. Many locksmith companies are working with keys. Everybody knows very well that purpose of key is to open the lock. Every key has two parts. One is bow and second is blade. First part is only to make it secure in any keychain while second part which is blade is for opening the lock. It goes inside the lock from the path of key and has different cuts. This part is important because through this part one key is unique from other. There are many kind of keys which you daily use for opening locks. These keys are control, double sided, master, four sided, internal cut, transponder, dimple, par centric, skeleton, and magnetic, abloy, tubular, and many more.

These are some of the kinds of keys, which are important part of locks and locking system. If you see history of lock, it has 5000-year-old history. The oldest lock was made up of wood with large bolt, which secure the door. In 17th century, two famous locksmiths were Joseph Bramah and Robert Barron. James Sergeant was the first man who made first key changeable lock. In 1920, automotive locks in the form of ignition locks came into cars. If you look at the history of automobile looks then in 1935, general motors introduced six cut sidebar locks. From 1960s until now due to advancement of technology now new system of keys and locks are coming in cars and different automobiles. Now there are many systems where you need not to enter into a vehicle or building through a key just use remote to open the lock. Now biotech locks are also in use in which device indentify and then open the lock after verification.

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