The vast majority of homes are not nearly as safe and burglar proof as most homeowners think they are. The same holds true for most businesses. A break in and home invasion happen every 14.7 seconds in the Niagara Falls, according to independent state police reports and statistics. This can be a frightening fact of life for homeowners and business owners, but something can definitely be done about this very serious and potentially dangerous issue.

The Best Locks

If a homeowner or business owner wants to be 100% certain that his premises are the safest and most secure from burglars as possible, what’s required is more than simply a quality home alarm system and an aggressive, loud barking watchdog. What’s essential is to have the highest caliber of door locks installed. The best of these door locks are state-of-the-art and are designed to the highest safety and break in standards. They should be purchased over less expensive, standard locks to ensure the ultimate in peace of mind if any concerns over home security and burglaries are involved.

Use Experienced Locksmith

It’s equally essential to only utilize and hire the professional services of the most extensively experienced locksmith in Niagara Falls that homeowners and business owners can find. One way to determine experience is to contact the Better Business Bureau. Only the very best locksmith in Niagara Falls have the highest level of lock installation expertise and the knowledge to guide individuals as to the strongest, most secure locks that are available for specific, protective home or business installations.


Once the most exceptional quality locks are installed, home and business owners should carefully analyze where are the best, most unrecognizable places to store their prized possessions such as jewelry and any cash or stock and bond certificates they keep in their dwellings. Most burglars know that many people keep safes, so storing these items in a safe in an obvious place such as a closet isn’t always the best idea for ultimate protection just in case a door is accidentally left unlocked even with fairly strong locks installed when rushing out of a house. To solve this problem, at the very least, have the finest, most protective locks installed on the closet door itself.

Local Burglaries

Unquestionably, the most superb quality locks are still the best solution to preventing burglaries and keeping a person’s premises safe against crime. In addition, following the local crime scene and keeping current about recent neighborhood burglaries in the newspaper, online or by contacting the local police department, can be excellent motivation for any home or business owner to immediately contact an expert locksmith in Niagara Falls to have new locks installed at once.

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