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By: locksmith | Date: January 21, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Very few people today actually know what a locksmith is. An even larger number of people have no clue as to what is the extent of the services that they can provide to a client. In olden days, a locksmith would be somebody who can fabricate a lock from scratch using only his tools and metallic materials. Today, a professional locksmith offers such a wide number of services with the making of locks from scratch being the least utilized service. Below are the most common services that you can expect to find a locksmith offering.

Lock picking – This is one of the most utilized services of a Newmarket locksmith. Lock picking requires that the locksmith, with the use of his picking tools, opens a lock without having or using the lock’s original key.

There are many situations in which lock picking is necessary. One of the most common reasons that one would require lock picking is when they have a door locked but they have other keys inside the car, home or office. This means that once the lock is picked open they can retrieve their keys and continue using the same lock as usual. Lock picking comes in handy only if you can continue using the lock’s key thereafter, if not, one might as well break open the lock.

Another common use of lock picking is when firms or businesses need to ascertain the level of security they have with a certain lock. There are a lot of people who know how to pick locks even though they are not locksmiths. They can therefore illegally gain access into various properties. The Newmarket locksmiths are called by firms and businesses from time to time to pick their locks so that they can be sure that their locks are still good enough. If the locksmith deems the locks outdated and easy to pick then the firm needs to replace them as soon as possible.

Lock replacement – This is another very common reason that makes people call locksmiths. If for some reason your lock does not work anymore or you simply need them changed for security reasons then you should call a locksmith. It is good for firms and businesses to regularly replace their locks to avoid burglary by employees who no longer work with the firm. Sometimes you may just need to upgrade to a new type of lock to keep up with the times. These locks can be anything from card to biometric locks.

Lock repair and maintenance – Not too many people call upon locksmiths for these services as important as they are. It is imperative to clean your locks regularly to make sure that they are working in tip top condition so that they last as long as possible. You can also repair locks that are damaged or broken if you cannot immediately afford to buy new ones.

Making or recycling locks – These are services usually used by firms that need high levels of security. The locksmith can come with new locks and set the codes that the firm would like to have on them. If the firm already has some locks, the locksmith can recycle these old locks and make new codes for them. One must know however that not all locksmiths do this. It takes a different set of skills that not all of them have.


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