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By: locksmith | Date: January 31, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Being Newmarket locksmith is a very specialized trade. Contrary to the common belief that locksmiths specialize only in the cracking of security equipment (bolstered, of course, by popular media), locksmithing is actually a skill that combines knowledge about several different fields: metallurgy, lock picking, technological know-how, and even carpentry. In fact, A.C. Hobbs, a notable Canadian locksmith, argued that the concept of picking the locks were thought of and employed first by rogues, even before locksmiths discussed it among themselves.

Newmarket locksmith has been around for about as long as there are locks. In fact, one of the original tasks of the locksmith is to craft the locks themselves – that is, until industrialization came and made the mass production of locks via factories much cheaper than their handmade counterparts. Nowadays, the locksmith can be found in several different fields – the common storefront locksmith, those who operate out of a mobile base, those who are working for established institutions, and even those who work for an investigational body (such as is the case of the forensic locksmith).

Being a trade, locksmiths have a set of unique tools at their disposal. Of course, it is not only the locksmith that uses these, but it is to him that these are most commonly associated. Here are some common locksmithing tools that the locksmith cannot live without.

Torsion Wrench – It is used by the locksmith to apply torque to the plug of a lock to hold the picked pins in place. Though variations are available, it is typically an L- shaped tool, with a much longer vertical part. Once the pins are picked, the wrench is used to turn the plug and open the lock.

Manual Picks – These usually appear in sets, and are used for different situations. A locksmith may have a pick shaped like a hook, a half-diamond, a rake or a ball (each named accordingly).

Sagle Pick – Though rarely used, the Sagle Pick is worthy of mention as it is mainly used by the locksmith to open electronic locks. It is made with small magnetic regions to pull internal parts of the lock into place.

Bump Keys – This is used by the locksmith to open a majority of pin locks. This is a type of key that has been modified to have each peak on an equal height, and cut down to the lowest groove. This is used by inserting the key into the lock and sharply striking it with a hammer, forcing the pins to set in place.

Pick Guns – Either manual or electronic, this tool is used by the locksmith in conjunction with a tension tool (such as the Torsion Wrench). This is considered to be one of the easiest locksmith tools to use, since the only skill needed is timing.

Of course, being a locksmith is not only about having the tools. Locksmiths are trained most of the time through apprenticeship, with some actually earning degrees through some engineering colleges.  As with all other skills, the best way to learn locksmithing is proper training and perseverance in the field. Give a call! We always have a technician on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Locksmith Newmarket is your number One locksmith company.


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