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By: locksmith | Date: January 23, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

The oldest lock is thought to have been created over 4000 years ago in Egypt. The pin and tumbler lock that uses a key dates back to 700BC and uses the same technology of many commonly used locks today. Although Newmarket was not around at the creation of those early locks, he can help to make homes and offices more secure.

Until mass production became popular, locksmiths created the whole lock in their shop. The process often required hours and each individual piece was cut by hand. After mass production took over, the smith’s work moved from creating the lock to defeating it. Today, many people view the work of the smith as one who changes keys for new occupants of businesses or homes.

While Newmarket locksmiths today involves both fitting and changing keys, many locksmiths focus on installing high quality lock sets and providing key control systems to businesses. In addition, the smith may also offer sales and installation of electronic locks for homes or businesses.

As locksmiths work with property owners to ensure the physical security of the plant they must provide equipment appropriate to the risks faced by the clients. For some, this involves creating additional layers of security to block intruder’s entrance into a location. Creating these additional layers of security requires the intruder to have better tools along with advanced knowledge and skills to gain entrance to the facility.

Locksmiths work with management to provide keys that offer different levels of personnel access to certain secure areas. Access may be granted using physical keys or electronic locks. Businesses can allow all employees to have access to the front door but restrict access to other building locations through the keys issued. Consumers are often familiar with this type technology from hotel key cards. Guests have access to remote entrances and their own room with a key card.

Locksmiths still provide help to consumers locked out of a home or vehicle. They provide duplicates of keys and program entry fobs for key-less entry of vehicles. Their services can help to free sticking locks and ensure that properties remain secure whether occupied or empty.

A Newmarket locksmith comes from a long line of metalworkers that improve security. Whether a home or business owner needs a pin and tumbler lock or an electronic security system, this professional can help. When locked out of a home or vehicle, owners will appreciate the quick service offered.


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