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By: locksmith | Date: February 9, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

As unfortunate as it is, there is always an increase in crimes such as burglaries when the economy is in a recession.  Most London Locksmiths as well as residents of certain London neighborhoods will tell you that burglaries have definitely increased with our down economy.  Police official’s haven announced a definite increase in burglaries from vehicles, houses and garages.  Part of the increase in crime in certain areas is the fact that they aren’t being as careful as they need to.

Lt. Quinn Mayes of the Layton Police Department said, “We’ve seen an increase in vehicle burglaries.” He admits something is going on in the area but also says most of it could be avoided if residents would lock their cars.

“Over 55 percent of our vehicle burglaries are vehicles that are unsecured,” he said.

Lt. Mayes says it’s almost too easy for the burglars. “We have people that leave windows down, they don’t lock their doors, and they don’t close the garage doors. They leave items that can easily be seen from the street,” he explained.

So in addition to having more common sense when it comes to locking up your belongings we’ve spoken to some local London Locksmiths to find out some easy fixes to help beef up your homes security.  In speaking with the London Locksmith we found that the three easiest ways to beef up your home security are updating your door hardware since newer locks are more secure, upgrading your door hardware to something like an electronic access system, and improving the security of your valuables inside your home with a fire proof safe of some sort.

First off, you need to update your door hardware: if you haven’t had a London locksmith update the locks on your doors in the past year or two, you are definitely at risk of getting broken into.  The main reason for this is the recent popularity of videos and “how to” tutorials all over the internet showing people how to create and use a “bump key.”  Using these bump keys is a technique that licensed and bonded London Locksmiths have been using for years to get into clients houses but unfortunately this technique was leaked to the internet and now literally millions of people know how to break into people’s houses using this technique.  Because of the popularity of this technique lock manufacturers have been quick to release a series of locks that are actually pick and bump resistant.  By having your London locksmith upgrade your door hardware you will be able to become less of a target for burglars.

The next upgrade that London Locksmiths recommend looking into is Electronic Access Systems.  This is something London commercial locksmiths have been installing for years in businesses, but lock manufacturers have recently started producing residential applications as well.  Electronic access systems can be anything from a numbered keypad on the door where you’d enter a code to having a fob of some sort that you’d wave by door to have it open.  Now even though these electronic access systems cost a bit more up front it ends up paying off in the end because instead of having to have a locksmith come and rekey your house each time you lose your keys, break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, get new cleaning staff etc..  You can just change the key code or deny certain fobs access.

Lastly, London locksmiths recommend investing in a fire proof safe.  A lot of the times when people start beefing up their homes security they worry about keeping people out but forget that sometimes they might fail to lock the door or they also forget about the fact that there are natural disasters to protect against as well.  For that reason we recommend purchasing at least a 1-Hour rated fire proof safe, this will allow you to keep important documents such as your passport and birth certificates safe as well as sentimental items such as you photos.  With these simple improvements to your homes security you can insure that your home will no longer be the easiest target on the block.

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