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By: locksmith | Date: March 3, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Lock bumping is a recent trend in burglaries, which can make it easy and fast to break into homes without needing too much special equipment. It works almost as well as actually having a key, so the technique can very quickly open about 90% of Canadian household locks, but it is preventable.

The technique itself, known as “rapping” or “key bumping,” has appeared recently on the internet in how-to videos and tutorials. Unfortunately, not all homeowners and lock makers are aware of the burglary skill, and are unprepared to defend themselves against it. Awareness is spreading, but homes with older locks will likely not be prepared.

Most locks on doors in Canadian households use a pin and tumbler mechanism, which for most uses is an effective lock. Using a series of pins, the tumbler is held in place until the key is inserted and pushes them to the correct heights, allowing the lock to rotate and open.

Bumping the lock only requires a few seconds and a filed-down bump key, and a solid whack. The blank key pushes all of the pins into place simultaneously, and the whack keeps them in place, allowing the criminal to open the lock cleanly and without a sign of forced entry. This is particularly dangerous, as it can be much harder to track by the police.

The simplest solution is to purchase a lock designed to foil key bumpers. Your local hardware Locksmith Kitchener store likely has a few lock designs, as lock makers are becoming more aware of the trend. Higher-end locks are less vulnerable to bumping, as they’re designed with patented, more complicated locks and tumblers. If not, another style of lock, such as a rotating-disc, combination or electronic lock, will likely be less vulnerable to many of the burglar’s tricks.

To prevent the use of “Bump Keys” install a Medico Lock, Or A Multi Lock  which is Bump Proof. Locksmith Kitchener installs a complete line of bump proof locks for your home and business.

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