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By: locksmith | Date: February 25, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Kitchener, the well-off suburb located on the northern fringe of KW area, in the Canada state of Ontario is home to a number of highly professional as well as competent locksmith service providers. While some of these companies are age old, some have just come up. Yet, almost all the service providers are highly skilled and employer of some of the best and the most experienced locksmiths in Canada. While on one hand, this may provide people enough options to choose from; on the other hand it may very well leave them confused. Hence, it is imperative that they follow a strict guideline before the search, so that they do not end up hiring a Kitchener locksmith service provider that charge exorbitantly high, or does not fulfill their requirements.

An ideal locksmith should have the capacity of practically doing everything – starting from repairing and replacing damaged locks to installing laser sensor based high tech security and surveillance systems. Still, along with having this wide range of expertise, they need to have specialization on a particular niche of service. For example, while one should be specialized in domestic services like replacing or repairing damaged locks, or opening doors that are locked from outside with the key being left inside, another can have specialization in implementing security systems. Thus, you need to hire them taking into view the area of specialization.

You will find a lot of Kitchener locksmith service providers. While some of them have years of experience under their belt, others are relatively new in the industry. However, you need to put your money on the ones who have more experience than the others for better results. This is because as the experienced companies have bigger client base than their newer counterparts, their service is qualitatively better and more professional. Go through the websites of these companies. The feedback and the testimonials left by the previous and existing clients will be doing all the talking in support of their competence.


This is another extremely important factor that you need to consider. A locksmith service provider might come up with quality service, and can have years of experience under its belt. However, they might not be a licensed service provider. License is the proof enough of the credibility of a service provider and of the fact that the provider in question has the legal right to operate in Ontario. Only a well-trained and competent locksmith is granted a license in Kitchener like anywhere else in Canada or round the globe. Hence, once you hire a licensed locksmith, you can be rest assured of the quality of the work. Again, the best and the renowned locksmith companies always appoint licensed locksmiths. That is why, it is better to put your money on the companies that have been in the business for years, rather than opting for one that has just entered the fray.

That is not all! There are other factors as well! You have two options to opt for – a freelance service provider and a company. Both are good, provided you follow the right path, and apply your logic. When opting for a company you normally opt for the ones that have been in the business for years, while once you decide to put your money on any individual Kitchener locksmith, see that the person is licensed (as already discussed) and see whether the individual has been working for years. Go through the website and again the feedback of his clients will help you in having an idea about the service he provides. If possible, you can collect the contract numbers of some of them and have a talk to them.

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