Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7


Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7 does get you into your home in the case that you experience a lockout from your car, home or office. Calling Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7 makes sure you get service fast, when and where you need it. Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7 is on call all day and all night. Call us now!

Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7

Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7

What if you have lost the keys all together? Once inside the house a locksmith can take the lock cylinder apart and decode the pins. From this information we will make an original key matching the one that was lost. If need be our mobile locksmith can then make as many key copies or key duplicates as one requires.

Another service we provide is that of lock replacement or lock upgrades. A lock will wear out, whether it is the finish fading in the sun; the lock cylinder getting worn through heavy use;the latch/bolt breaking from retracting one too many times. The locks will need to be either repaired or replaced at some point. We work in the security industry daily.

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Our locksmith is the ideal candidate for such a service call. A professional locksmith will be up to date on all the contemporary lock designs as well as the residential security concerns and considerations. For example, we are aware of the security risks that lock bumping poses. In order to help insure that you locks are not compromised in this fashion, we will recommend a driver pin upgrade. We will be replacing all of the standard driver pins in your locks with the spooled or mushroomed variety. In order to save you money the ideal time to complete this security upgrade would be when the locks are being re-keyed or replaced.

Our residential locksmith can help with fresh installation of locks and hardware. In order to cut costs contractors oftentimes build homes with only one knob or lever handle securing either one or both of the garage doors. This represents a security risk. The dead latches on knobs as well as lever handles do not extend far enough into the door jamb and can be compromised easily. The solution for this is the fresh installation of a deadbolt above the knob on all exterior and garage doors. A locksmith is the ideal candidate for such a lock installation; they will have all the necessary tools to get the job done right the first time. While the installation is being performed the locksmith can also install security strike plates with 3 inch screws to help reinforce the door jamb against kick in attacks.

Locksmith Kitchener Help 24-7 is mobile and has all tools and equipment ready to help. Call us 24/7!