Locksmith Kitchener 24-7


Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 is here for you at all times, day, night, weekend, holidays, all 24/7/365 and we will come to your help in only 20 minutes. When you have a lockout and need to go back into your property, call Locksmith Kitchener 24-7. If you have any problems with a lock, any lock, call Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 to solve them all. Call us now!

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7

Our locksmith can take care of door locks and even cabinet door locks. The primary function of these locks is to keep people’s access out of certain cabinets. One example would be keeping small children away from chemicals and cleaning products;or keeping teenagers away from liquor. Any case our professional locksmith is fully equipped to install cabinet door locks. We will change, repair or install them  with no damage to the cabinet doors.

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One of our skills is the ability to work on and open safes. If the combo has been lost through a lapse in memory; or a loss in the family has occurred and they took the combo to the grave; or maybe the combination just no longer opens the safe. No matter what the reason is, we will open the safe for you.

We will repair it back to its original security level. To help prevent this problem from occurring in the future in may it is best to replace the combo style lock with a contemporary digital electronic lock. The advantages of this safe lock conversion would be ease of entry; and the ability for the user to change the combo themselves. That is unless one wants a locksmith to come out and change it for them; in which case it is certain that we would be willing and capable.

One of our most important service is  provide is a home security risk assessment. If one requests a security assessment our locksmith technician will walk through the house and point out all of the vulnerabilities that are present. These may include such things as windows next to single sided dead bolts; doors with only knobs on them; sliding glass doors not secure; insufficient strike plates; the lack of spooled pins in the cylinders or areas around the house that offer little visibility providing cover for a burglar to break in; and the list goes on.

Our professional residential locksmith is trained and equipped to deal with a vast variety of home security issues and concerns.

Locksmith Kitchener 24-7 is always on call to come and help you. Call us 24/7!