Keypad Door Locks: Improve Security at Your Home

Home security is one of the topmost concerns among people across the globe these days. Keyless lock systems have emerged as a great solution.
Keypad door locks have attained great popularity among consumer these days. Some years back these were only used in commercial settings. The efficiency of these locks has made them quite popular with consumers for residential use. They have almost replaced the door lock system based on key. The traditional key has been replaced for good by keypads. With a deadbolt keypad lock, you just require punching in a specific combination of number to lock and unlock the door. This is very similar to what you use for an ATM machine.
There are several benefits of using keypad door locks. One of the primary benefits is that you do not require worrying about the security of your home when you are away. These locks assure 100 percent security for your house. Another benefit is that you do not need to worry about losing your keys. Keypad door locks completely eliminate the requirement for taking the keys along with you or hiding them at ‘secret’ locations. Burglars are smart enough to guess where the key has been hidden. Schlage has been manufacturing these locks for many years now. These are very easy to install. In fact you can install them without any professional help. The best part about these keyless locks is that the user can easily change the entry codes when someone who has been provided the code moves out. This ensures additional security.
There are several other wonderful options available for consumers when it comes to keyless door locks. In case, you do not want to get in to the hassle of remembering a specific code, fingerprint door locks will make an ideal choice. These are actually fingerprint activated locks that you can install on your door. The major advantage of these lock systems is convenience. You are totally free form delving deep in to your purse to find a key. These digital systems are battery powered and available with indicators for low battery. This will let you know when to change the battery. This unique lock system is a great choice to ensure security for home. It works towards assuring total peace of mind in case, you lose house keys or forget a lock code.

Another option for house security is Mortise lockset. The lockset needs a mortise at the door edge to be installed successfully. These are very reliable and durable. It has been equipped with a heavy-duty deadbolt. It allows you to unlock the door without any difficulty. Other remarkable options for keyless lock systems include electronic locks and iButton lock systems. Electronic locks systems are reliable and can keep your house secure. ibutton lock systems are capable of rekeying the lock within seconds. You can even keep tabs on who uses the lock and at what time. Other options for keyless lock systems include remote controlled and lever locks. Keypad door locks are an ideal solution for ensuring enhanced security at home. No wonder these lock systems have become immensely popular among

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