Locksmith Hamilton Easy Key Control

Locksmith Hamilton Easy Key Control will help you if looking to upgrade your home or business with secure, key-less entry locks. Locksmith Hamilton Easy Key Control technicians have some great information and advice for you on the technologies available, also where and when to opt for each. One of our qualified Locksmith Hamilton Easy Key Control specialists can help you make the best choice for your home or business while sticking to your budget.

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Locksmith Hamilton Easy Key Control

Locksmith Hamilton Easy Key Control

There are a few distinct types of key-less entry locks with numerous sub-categories and options related to each.

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Smart Locks

A very secure option in key-less entry systems, biometric locks come in a number of varieties and have various hardware and software-based security options that allow you to have complete control over who enters the premises.

Biometrics are a great solution for organizations or homes where numerous people come and go in the course of a day. They are also among the most secure key-less entry options as every person’s fingerprints are unique.

Key-less Remote Door Locks and Smart Locks

Key-less remote entry is a good option for home owners who enjoy having the safety and convenience of controlled key-less entry at a lower cost. Most systems are controlled with a fob, much like key-less entry systems found in cars. Another option here is to control your entry and exits with your smartphone.

Another popular option is keypad locks, where you input a numerical code to gain entry.

Key-less Deadbolt Locks

A more affordable option, key-less deadbolts are extremely dependable and offer the added benefit of keyed entry along with a digital keypad for added security.

These are a great option for multi-family homes and apartment buildings as they allow only those with the current password entry onto the premises. In the event of a malfunction, they can be opened by the property manager or a qualified locksmith with a physical key.

High-Tech Lock Installation

No matter if a building is still under construction or you wish to upgrade to a more secure key-less system for your home or business, we are able to assist you.

In many cases, an upgrade to secure, high-tech locks can be performed using existing doors or hardware. Some, however, may require some retrofitting or specialized hardware to function properly. Whether you need fresh lock installation for new construction or lock change services on your existing doors, Locksmith Hamilton has you covered.