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Locksmith Guelph Service is provided by our 24/7 ready to help mobile vans that have everything you need lock and key wise.  Our technicians, at Locksmith Guelph Service, are on duty all hours of the day and all hours of the night. When you call Locksmith Guelph Service, you can be sure that your help is only 20 minutes away! Call us now!

Locksmith Guelph Service

Locksmith Guelph Service

Due to busy life schedules, people get locked out from their residences and offices quite often. Upon such situation, only a locksmith can provide you the most effective service for the delight of the client and get him out of the situation. Our home locksmiths rightly offer 24/7 emergency lockout service considering the demand.

Security enhancements

Modern residences need modern security strategies considering the advance threats available in the society. Conventional un-secure locks hardly can withstand the new level threats. As an effective way to face a new level of threats houses need advanced security options. Our locksmiths are capable of enhancing the security systems to match the requirements of the modern society.

Apart from the house you live, we can help you enhance the security of the areas like garages and storage facilities too. Once the house’s security is strengthened, you can enjoy low insurance premiums as a great value addition.

Here are some of the things to look for in a high security lock:

  • The locks and keys will be precision made, usually with a CNC machine rather than die casting
  • They are usually made out of brass or steel
  • If brass, they will have hardened steel pins embedded into the lock face for drill protection
  • The key-way and key has protection with national and foreign patents
  • The key blanks need restriction to Service Centers and Locksmiths that are under contract to the manufacturer for the purpose of key control

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