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By: locksmith | Date: March 17, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

It’s the tale of gone times, when locksmiths spend a number of days and nights at the workshops to manufacture the locks and keys. But advance companies of Locksmith Guelph have adopted the latest technological trends to add an additional sum of security around your premises. In the primitive era due to less scientific measures and innovation, people tend to install manual locking systems to offend the burglaries. With several technological innovations, creativity in the minds and modern tools in the hands, locks have got a new picture in the customer’s minds. As far as the services of a locksmith are concerned, people walk around towards the locksmiths outlets to avail any service. But now advance locksmiths serve the clients on just a call. Professional Locksmiths, qualified experts and 24 hour availability have made them fast to serve the clients in just few minutes. Locksmiths have added several exclusive and modern features in the form of electronic locks and mobile locksmith solutions to give advance security around valuable premises. Professional and certified Guelph locksmiths have upgraded their safety measures in the following way:

Biometric locks: Technology is finally catching up and locksmiths have manufactured biometric locks that will ensure more security. Finger prints locks and eye recognition locks are the advance form of electronic locks that are preferably installed in the file cabinets, commercial properties and at your home as well. Only registered people can open the locks through their thumb impressions or through recognizing the eye which is the strong deterrence against any common access towards your valuable belongings. Rather than relying on the small metal keys, such key-less entry is more convenient and user friendly as well.

Keypad locks: In this fast pace era, keys are not the significant part to unlock the door. Installation of keypad door locks will eliminate the use of keys for unlocking. People look for Change locks Guelph professionals to upgrade the manual locks in these digital locks. Installation keypad locks can give you more versatility and comfort of mind from the unwanted state of matters. Users have to type the specified digital code to get access which is simple and elegant. Digital code of program lock is usually known to the authorized persons of entities and other people cannot unlock the door.

Locksmith Mobile workshops: locksmith needs to deliver its services efficiently and effectively in any uncertain emergency condition. Previously security services were provided in the designed manners but mobile workshops enhance the promptness of locksmith professionals. Locksmiths have introduced mobile vans and mostly used to solve automotive problems. The mobile van reaches at customer’s location in few minutes through detecting the exact place at the same time while receiving phone calls.

Car key fabrication: keys were crafted through using manual tools or car dealer services were availed for getting duplicate keys. But modern Local locksmith Guelph has introduced the modern methods of key cutting through laser cutters. It is highly quick and cost effective to get new car keys or duplicate spare keys of the vehicle.

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