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By: locksmith | Date: February 21, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

Guelph Locksmith providing fast, friendly and professional locksmith services in Ontario, CANADA area since 20 years. We are committed to provide top quality and efficient lock repairs for home, automobiles and commercial places at most affordable prices. Though internet is brimming with companies offering locksmith and security solutions but only we make sure your locksmith needs are managed in the best way possible.

With Locksmith Guelph, find out how to protect your home with these tips. Don’t worry you don’t have to install a missile on your roof. Here are a few simple tips:

€ Avoid such doors that have glass near the door-knob. Thief can easily break the glass and open the door from inside.

€ Have a good exterior lighting and add some good window break alarms. Also install motion-sensitive light at entrances. It detects the motion and turns on the light and proves to be strong deterrent for burglars.

€ Replace your back/front hollow doors with heavy- duty aluminum, fiberglass, and solid wood or metal door. Style is entirely your choice be it hinged, sliding or swing.

€ All the exterior doors must have deadbolt lock installed in. Guelph Locksmith can suggest a variety of locks suitable to your requirements. Also install ‘exit-only deadbolt’ which can’t be broken into unless the door, lock or frame itself is destroyed.

€ In order to protect your sliding/swinging gate install keyed locks, patio locks or you can choose a sliding bolt lock that can also be padlocked. Make sure the sliding gate’s tracks are in good working order

€ Reinforce your entrance by installing round headed cylinder guards around the lock cylinders.

€ Replace flimsy strike plates with heavy-duty metal security strike plates; angle the screws of strike plates back slightly to catch the frame.

€ Get a peephole viewer or chains attached to your door.

€ Get installed a high-tech security alarm system or access control system. Locksmith Guelph offers back to base options where the alarm monitoring firm will inform the police in case they find your alarm activated.

If you are doubtful of what preventive measure or device you should get for your home or workplace. Ask a Guelph Locksmith professional for a genuine advice. We will be obliged to discuss your security concerns and will recommend the most appropriate and cost effective security product for you.

Guelph Locksmith has been helping the residents of Ontario as a whole for many years and has done this successfully because of the dedication towards their customers. Their professionally certified locksmiths are always willing to help you regardless of your location be it a business, house or an automotive.

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