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By: locksmith | Date: January 3, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

The CNN reports that though it is not well known, serious occupational hazards exist for professionals in the locksmith industry. Guelph residential locksmiths and locksmiths across the country lend their support to Troy Mitchell of West Ontario who was shot in the face last week in the morning while working on a car at an apartment complex in Guelph.

Top Guelph locksmiths point out that the challenge is striking a balance between the potential dangers of making service calls and the needs of one’s customers.

Among the changes they have discussed to better ensure their own safety is creating a communication network between fellow locksmiths in the area. By staying in communication with one another while on calls, no one is out on his or her own on a call. Though people can’t help if they lock themselves out of their car, many locksmiths say that they have pretty much given up going out on night calls unless it’s a regular customer with whom they are already familiar.

Guelph locksmiths explain that any local locksmith community is tightly knit, and they service people of all types, but the recent events have given cause for caution when responding to calls. Some locksmiths say they have driven past jobs when the situation doesn’t look right or when they had a funny feeling about the scene at hand. Some also call police to provide backup in situations that they think are questionable. When responding to late night calls, which is usually the least ideal situation for a locksmith, the best defense is getting as much information as possible before going out on a call, such as asking for a driver’s license number. Customers are encouraged to contact their local Guelph locksmith specialists to learn more about residential and automotive locksmith services.


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