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Locksmith Elmira 24-7 can install any kind of door on your property, from interior to exterior doors, from patio doors to pet doors. We have teams at Locksmith Elmira 24-7 that are on call 24/7, for any locksmith help you want. Call Locksmith Elmira 24-7 to help with home, office, and even garage doors. Call us now!

Locksmith Elmira 24-7

Locksmith Elmira 24-7

Our team can help you to install a pet door. Constantly letting your dog or cat in and out of the house can be  frustrating, but pet door installation is a simple solution to this problem. Installing a pet door is a great way to eliminate some of the inconveniences of pet ownership; such as the need to take a pet out to do its business several times a day.

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These special doors fit into a hole cut out of the door. A pet door installation gives you and your pet the freedom you both desire. For security, there are a number of one-way doors, which allow cats and dogs out, but nothing in. This design can help prevent burglars from using pet doors to gain access to the home.

Modern pet doors are using a special key that the dog or cat wears on its collar. This key allows the cat or dog entrance into the home, but no other animals. Pet door installation is generally quite an easy process. Here are a few steps for how to install a pet door on your own.

Measure you pet. Pet doors vary greatly in size, so you want to measure your pet at their highest and widest parts of their body. Choose a pet door that is at least 2 inches higher and 2 inches wider than your pet. Buy the  parts at your local pet or home supply store. The door should be large enough to accommodate the largest pet that will use it.  After the door is in place, give the cats and dogs in the household some time to get used to it. They should be watched closely to make sure they are able to both enter and exit the house unassisted before being left alone.

Pet doors allow your furry loved ones to come in and out as they please. Keep in mind that if they are poorly insulated, it will cost you money on your heating or cooling bills. You can fix the problem without having to get rid of your pet door. Or call Locksmith Elmira 24-7 to help.