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By: locksmith | Date: February 21, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

One can easily get crazy if he looks into the world of locks and keys. It all starts off with a simple looking, innocent lock which can be opened in a jiffy using its key. But, imagine losing the key of your vehicle and then try to open one of these so innocent looking things. You will find out it is one hell of a job. People who excel at carrying out this work with effortless ease are known as mobile Cambridge Locksmith. A locksmith is a professional who serves customers who have lost their keys or locked them in their cars or wherever they happen to be. To help facilitate their work, locksmiths use an assortment of tools. Such tools can conveniently be purchased at various lock shops, or through professional organizations known as Associated Locksmiths of Canada.

The most common tools of all Is a slim Jim. It is also referred to as a slim shim, and is one of the most basic tools used by Cambridge Locksmith. It is made up of a steel bar that may be as long as few inches or measure up to a few feet in length. The bar is attached to the bottom and has a bend or slope all along its length. A locksmith can very easily insert this tool in between the glass and the weathers tripping of a vehicle’s window to pry open the door without the using the keys. Slim Jim models may differ one from another. The difference depends on the type of car it is being used on. It is modifiable that only a trained locksmith should make use of this tool, as improper usage can disable the car’s airbags or the electrical system.

These are also called tryout or bump keys, and are an arrangement of something between a key and a lock pick. They look like a typical ring of keys but only each key has its own exclusive shape that is especially designed to pick a lock. Every model or major type of vehicle uses its very own unique key blank, which has its own shape and dimension. All keys used on that specific model will have the same basic characteristics. A set of auto jugglers puts together all these features, but does this by combining them with universal tools that can be replaced for a key. A professional locksmith should always have a set of jugglers for each major car model. It is specifically designed for cars that have raised lock and unlock buttons fixed along the inside of the car doors. Such locks can be found in cars of older models as the newer models all have electrical locks. The J tool is put in via the window so that it slips inside the car. It is then maneuvered to pull up the unlock button and open the door. An L tool also works exactly in the same manner.

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