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Locksmith Caledonia knows that a lockout situation can happen to anyone and anywhere whether in the home, office or on the road. Of course, the first call of action when locked out is to call Locksmith Caledonia. When you call Locksmith Caledonia we will help you on the spot. We will also let you know what measures you can take to prevent future lockouts. Call us 24/7!

Locksmith Caledonia

Locksmith Caledonia

There are several reasons you may be locked out. Most notably forgetting your keys inside the premises or in the car or getting your keys stuck in a broken lock.

What can be done:

Remove Self-Locking Door Knobs. Most offices and homes today are fitted with self-locking door knobs. They are the ones that lock automatically as soon as the door is shut. This locking mechanism is convenient and designed to be a time saver especially in busy environments. At times it can cause more trouble than it’s worth.

The best alternative to preventing lockouts from “keyed privacy locks” also known as self-locking door knobs, is by replacing them with deadbolts.  Our locksmith will then be able to configure your door hardware to make it impossible to lock behind you when shut.

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You can even ask our locksmith to install an entry door handle set on every exterior door. When installed properly, you will have to use a key from the outside to access these handle and deadbolt combos, making them lockout-proof. If you don’t want to replace your self-locking door knobs, you can install a door stop to prevent the doors from shutting behind you.

Maintaining your Door Locks. Locks are one of the most used elements of a home. We seldom pay heed to their maintenance in order to keep them from working as efficiently as possible.  It is not just the locks, but also the keys that are subject to considerable wear and tear over time. It is important to check them regularly and sort out the issue before it’s too late.

Clean regularly.  It is inevitable for dirt, grime and oils to build up on locks and deadbolts and even door handles especially when used frequently.  To avoid this, it is a good practice to clean them. Wipe down the affected areas with a little soap and water and dry the surface off with a soft cloth.

Avoid scratching.  With regular use, door locks are bound to get scratched around the plates and keyholes. Although there’s no way to avoid this, you can be careful whenever you put your key into the lock.

If you find yourself locked out of your home, office or car, call Locksmith Caledonia! We will be with you in 20 minutes! Call us 24/7!