Locksmith Brantford Advanced Lock Help

Locksmith Brantford Advanced Lock Help is always on call, always here for you 24/7, to solve your home, office and car lock problems. Locksmith Brantford Advanced Lock Help is fast thanks to our mobile units ready to be at your place in 20 minutes from the moment of your call. Call Locksmith Brantford Advanced Lock Help now, to enjoy a fast, reliable and affordable service.

Locksmith Brantford Advanced Lock Help

Locksmith Brantford Advanced Lock Help

From your home to your car, we offer service which is efficient and dependable. We can install the following products for you: 

  • Window and Door Locks
  • Sliding Door Lock
  • Security Screens  
  • Restricted master key systems
  • Secure door locks

If you’ve lost your keys or simply wish to upgrade your home security, speak to our experts.

Master key systems can be individually keyed or can be overridden by a master key. That way, visitors or employees at your building can be given the exact access you want. We are highly trained in each of these types of systems, and can repair your existing system or recommend a new one based on your needs. Formats of master keyed systems include: grand master key (access to all locks, all departments and all sites), master key (full access throughout a single building/department) and keyed to differ (key access to individual offices).

Each home owner and business owner, has unique security needs, and we are here to provide unique locking solutions. We start by assessing your needs, and then we provide customised, hassle-free locking solutions with the industry’s leading products. 

Secure the valuable items at your home or office with a safe. We can suggest an appropriate safe based on your budget and needs, including the following new and refurbished options:

  • Key • Combination • Digital • Biometric

Our mobile technicians will service, repair and upgrade your safe. Ask for a free quote by calling us today. Once agreed upon and signed by client, the installation process will commence with minimal disruption to you, the client.

Key management software is used to keep an accurate record of the number of keys supplied and what level of security that key holds. This also makes the ordering of new keys more streamlined.

Contact Locksmith Brantford today to discuss your needs, and we can begin setting up a plan for a lock system that best suits your needs.