Secure Your Home With Lock Repair Kitchener Technicians

If your home is not secure, you may be putting your loved ones and valuables at risk. Homes with broken, malfunctioning, or ineffective locks may become a target to criminals looking for an easy job. A certified locksmith provides a variety of services designed to improve your home’s security and protect your property. Making just a few changes to your home locks can greatly reduce your chance of becoming a victim of theft. Call Lock Repair Kitchener today to keep your loved ones and your valuables safe.

Rekeying a lock simply means that the existing locks are altered so that they accept a new key. Once a lock is rekeyed, any old keys will no longer work to unlock that door. This process does not take long but does require specialized tools and skills that most average citizens do not have.

The purpose of rekeying your locks is to prevent any unauthorized individual from entering your home. When you purchase a new home, there is no way to know how many keys the previous owners may have given away. Until your locks are rekeyed or replaced, all of these people still have access. Protect your family and your home by calling a locksmith as soon as you move in.

Rekeying is also necessary should you lose or misplace your keys. Chances are, a lost key will simply disappear, but if it should get in the hands of a criminal, your home is at risk. Do not take a chance, have your locks rekeyed as soon as you realize that a key has been lost or stolen.

Relationships can change rather quickly. Someone you may have trusted enough to give a spare key to may now have proven himself untrustworthy. If this situation happens, ask a locksmith to rekey your locks. This quick and inexpensive procedure prevents an ex-friend or former spouse from entering your home uninvited.

Limit the amounts of keys that you carry to prevent loss. A locksmith can rekey all of the locks in your home so that one key will work for every door. With fewer keys to keep up with, there is less of chance that one may go missing unnoticed.

A broken or malfunctioning lock is a potential security risk. Any lock that sticks, is difficult to open, or not performing properly may be damaged and should be replaced as soon as possible. A weak or compromised lock is no match for a determined criminal trying to gain access to your valuables or loved ones.

Along with rekeying and replacing your existing locks, a locksmith will recommend added safety features to improve the security of your home. Dead bolts have been shown to be highly effective at keeping criminals out of your home. A locksmith has the knowledge and tools to properly install a dead bolt lock to supplement the existing lock on your outside doors. With this added protection, your home is more secure.

Just making a few simple changes with the help of a certified locksmith professional can make a huge impact on the safety of your home.


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