Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams

Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams are looking into helping you with any lock and door problems your doors give you. Our Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams helps you all 24/7, no matter when you call for our service. Call for our Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams to help you day or night!

Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams

Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams


Our service is on call around the clock to come to your help if your key is stuck in the lock. No matter if the lock belongs to your home, office or car, our  service, will come to your help. Call our service day or night – we are here for you 24/7!

Working all 24/7, we are on call so to be able to serve you when you want help!

It is frustrating enough when a key gets stuck in a lock; but even more irritating when a key gets snapped off in a lock. Should you be facing one of these unpleasant situations, you are probably wondering what to do next. The best will be to call our locksmith technicians who have the skills; experience and tools to help you with any kind of locksmith problem.

In case you are a “do it yourself” kind of person, here is a step-by-step guide to removing a stuck key in a lock. If your key is stuck in a lock but hasn’t been broken, then you have a couple of options ;to attempt to remove the key. Remember to stay calm and work with gentle but persistent force. Otherwise, you may snap the key or damage the tumblers by exerting too much force.

Spray the interior of the lock with liquid graphite to loosen frozen tumblers; and make removing the key easier. Next, loop a small piece of string or a cable tie to the hole where a key ring attaches. This will provide a place for you to pull the key downward.

While holding the string or cable tie, apply gentle downward force on the key. At the same time, tap the top of the key with a screwdriver; and begin pulling the key outward from the lock. Hopefully, this will force the tumblers to disengage and allow the key to slide free.

Unfortunately, stuck keys can’t always be removed from a lock using the method above. That is when you will need to contact our locksmith for assistance in removing the key. Lock Locksmith Richmond Hill Teams will be happy to help.