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By: locksmith | Date: January 5, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

It’s not at all a pleasant experience to get yourself locked out of your vehicle at odd hours of the night.  There are more possibilities as you might see a friend or an acquaintance and get out of the car to talk to them leaving the key in the ignition and the door will get shut and you are locked out. If you are travelling on a lonely highway there is an added element of danger and also the situation is worsened if there is a child or a dog inside and the engine is still running.

The best remedy in this emergency situation is to call an auto Guelph locksmith. There are many companies in this competitive industry that employs such locksmiths who specialize as auto locksmith and they are skilled and trained in different aspects of auto locking mechanisms including door locks, boot locks, tire or wheel locks etc. These days locking system are more advanced as there are more cars come fitted with advanced gadgetry and electronic gizmos etc.

Home locking system and auto locking system, both are completely different and there is no need to compare between both. A good auto locksmith should be aware of all required tools and techniques of locking system in your car and would be able to unlock it without causing any damage to the mechanism.

Earlier, things are as easy as you just need to find a gap in the window pane, wedge in a piece of metal and then try and flip the lock.  But modern cars require high end equipment and lots of technical skill and knowledge to get them opened. Most of the locksmith offer round the clock service seven days a week throughout the year and the main reason is that, need for locksmith services cannot be predicted as it could happen any hour of the day or night.  For instance, you may get yourself locked out when you are returning home from a party and imagine you stopped your vehicle to take a leak on the road side.

Auto Guelph locksmith will be always at your help even in the odd hours of the day, but the difference may be that they charge a lot more than he would if it were day time. Even it cost more but in most situations it will be worth of it. Imagine a situation where you had been locked out in a cold highway and definitely you will be ready to spend more to be back safe and cosy inside the vehicle.

There are other companies that assure to offer their service within a specified time. Like pizza services these auto locksmiths promise that they will reach you wherever you are within half an hour of calling them in most cases. You will feel great if you are in a hurry or have a pet trapped inside the car. Even though locked out situation demands fast pace action on your part it is always advisable to ensure that they come from a reliable company and also carry some identification on them before you allow access to your vehicle.


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