Garage Door Repair Bolton

By: locksmith | Date: January 27, 2015 | Categories: Garage Door Repair

Use some solvent

The thing that you should start with is to apply a generous amount of solvent on roller tracks, rollers, latches and hinges. You will also have to lubricate the bearings of the torsion-spring openers and the pulleys of the extension-spring openers. In case the torsion spring binds up or if it is rusty, you will have to apply some lubricant on it too.

Make it clean and shiny

Although you might think that it’s not important for the parts of the garage door to be clean, it is one of the essential parts of correct maintenance. Use a regular cleaner and wash off all the grease and dirt from the parts. In the end apply 3-in-1 lubricant or some thin oil to all the parts.

Using kerosene for garage door repair?

As strange as it may sound, if any of the hinges seems to move in a strange way, you should remove it and soak it in kerosene. Make sure that the substance will reach the parts of the hinge as well by working with a brush on it. An old toothbrush works perfectly for this purpose. In case the hinge is a bit rusty, you should remove the rust with steel wool. Clean all the pieces and add some lubricant to them.

Think about the opener

When it comes to garage door maintenance, it is important not to forget about the opener either. If you have an opener operated by a drive screw or chain, make sure that you add some lubricant to all the pieces.

Look for weather stripping

This is an important aspect to think about regarding your garage door. Inspect the sides of the door for any sign of weather stripping.  If there is any jamming, you will have to readjust it. The sad truth is that in some cases there will be nothing left for you repair, and in that case you will have to replace it. A professional repairman can easily do this for you, but you should expect it to be quite expensive.

What about the wooden door?

It is undeniable that a wooden door is more than elegant, but when thinking about garage door repair, it is also more difficult to handle. If it doesn’t have weather stripping on the bottom, you should make sure that it has been painted or sealed. You could do some touchups, and it might be time for you to think about adding weather stripping.

You shouldn’t think about garage door maintenance as a burden. Just consider the great service that the garage door opener does you when you don’t want to get out of the car just to open the door or when it’s cold outside and you want to get inside as soon as possible.


Garage Door Repair Bolton