Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton

Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton will check your doors for signs of tear and wear, and recommend best steps for a better door or lock. If you want a new door installation, call Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton. Call Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton for any kind of door and lock service!

Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton

Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton


 Our service is at your door in 20 minutes, whenever and wherever you are and need our team for help.  We will take care of your door repairs, be it a frame; the jamb, a hinge or any of the hardware (lock, key) that is broken, now!

Call for our help all 24/7!

A door jamb may be in need of repair when broke intentionally by kicking the door, or because of the weather. Alternating cold and hot weather with moisture creeping into the wood; can have it rotten and in need of replacement. 

We have in mind for you some factors that may help prevent jamb splitting, thus improving home security. Installing wood shims directly behind the striker plates. This is especially helpful if strips of hardwood or plywood can be slipped between the jamb and the framing, and secured with screws or long finish nails. The more wood around the striker, the better.

You can also use expanding foam insulation in the gap between the jambs and the framing. Foam can add a significant amount of friction between two pieces of wood; as it bonds quite well to wood surfaces. Attaching some sort of metal plate to the backside of the door jamb, in the area behind the striker plate. 

We also would like to share with you some thoughts on making doors sturdier. Many locks and deadbolts come packaged with tiny 3/4″ long wood screws; to attach the striker plates to the wood jamb, that are not the real deal; in case you look for sturdy materials. Best to replace them with much longer deck screws; long enough to penetrate into the framing by at least one inch. Then if the door is kicked, the jamb could split and the long screws may keep the striker plate from moving very far.

But from experience, even long screws will still not prevent the jamb from splitting.  In any event, Emergency Locksmiths Hamilton are on call 24/7 and always ready to come to your help. Call us today!