Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Night Help Call

Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Night Help Call team can repair, replace or install a new door or a new lock, depending on what the problem seems to be. Calling for our team, guarantees that one of us will be at your side in less than 20 minutes. One of us is always on call, so call us 24/7 for help!

Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Night Help Call

Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Night Help Call

Having a door is not working properly you would like to remove it and see what’s the problem. If you want to do it yourself, below are few steps to follow. Or if you would like a fast and affordable job, call us.

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These are the steps to follow if you would like to try it yourself. You will want to stand on the hinged side of the door and remove the pins. Start with the bottom hinge and work your way up. If a pin does not come out easily, you can tap it out gently using a hammer and/or screwdriver.

If you are using the old doorknob and hinges, take note of how they are pieced together.  Once you have the new door ready, use a scoring tool and straight edge to mark the edges. Use a circular saw to cut the new door down to size. Remember to leave room for clearance; 1/8 inch around the top and sides of the door, and 5/8 inch under the bottom.

Once your new door is cut to size, lay the old door on top of the new one to determine where to place the hinges. Use a combination square to transfer the mortises to the new door. Chisel the hinges out by standing the door on its edge with the hinge layouts facing up.  Check the depth by test fitting a hinge into the mortise. If it does not fit, gently chisel away more wood until it fits snugly. Once it fits, use a drill to screw the hinges on.

Mark where the strike plate hole meets the door edge, then position the door knob template to mark where the doorknob and latch will go. If you are going to stain or paint the door, now is the time to do so. Let it fully dry before installing the doorknob and latch set. You will install the latch set first. Screw the latch to the door and then install any doorknobs.

All done and you have new doors and a well-done job. Keep in mind that doors are heavy, and in case you need help, we are here for you. Emergency Locksmith Cambridge Night Help Call team has the knowledge, experience, tools and supplies needed and we come to you 24/7!