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By: locksmith | Date: December 17, 2014 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

A 24 hour locksmith Cambridge area offers their customers a much wider range of services than repairing or replacing locks and keys. Their services are available around the clock, seven days a week, every day of the year. If you require a service at night, during a holiday or weekend, it is always best to ask if there is a call-out or unsocial hours charge before you book a visit.

When you are in a rush it can be tempting to dial the first phone number you come across, or to choose a service supplier at random. This can be a mistake for several reasons. Your insurance policy may contain information giving you direction on which service providers you should use. It can save you money and a lot of time and trouble if you familiarize yourself with the terms and condition of your insurance policy.

When your vehicle has been broken into, or your keys have been lost you can contact your car dealer. They can order a new set of keys from the manufacturer, but it may take several weeks before the keys arrive. You may then have to take them to a locksmith to have them programmed as the dealer may not have the right tools or skills on-site.

Avoid unnecessary delays in obtaining access to your vehicle or a new set of keys, by choosing a service provider accredited by your vehicle manufacturer. You can then be confident that your chosen service provider has the right tools. It is usual for their skilled technicians to have received training that has been approved by the vehicle manufacturers.

Locksmiths offer their customers the opportunity for a free consultation when it comes to improving their security equipment and measures. Software security systems and hardware is usually recommended and can be supplied and installed at the customer’s instigation. Once the software and equipment has been installed, customers can take out a contract for repairs and maintenance.

Service providers offer customers a 24 hour service free of charge, but it may be prudent to check that this covers emergency call-outs any time within the 24 hour period. Some providers will charge if you call them out at the weekend or late at night if it is not classed as an emergency and does not therefore qualify for a free visit.

In the event that your vehicle or your premises have been broken into, or vandalized, you can call on your 24 hour locksmith. He or she will ensure that your vehicle or premises are temporarily secured until you can have the proper repairs carried out. Locks can be repaired or when required they can be replaced and new keys provided.

For those customers who need to fit their locksmiths visit into their busy schedule, a 24 hour locksmith Cambridge area, is just what they need. In particular anyone working shifts or the standard office hours will find it easier to arrange visits. Many working individuals prefer to arrange this type of appointment out with their working hours.


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