24 Hours Locksmith Burlington

24 Hours Locksmith Burlington will come to your place, saving you not only the time to travel, but also the money on gas and also on supplies. Our 24 Hours Locksmith Burlington has all supplies for any door, with affordable prices. Call for 24 Hours Locksmith Burlington to help you today!

24 Hours Locksmith Burlington

24 Hours Locksmith Burlington


Our team  supplies and installs high quality security and access control systems; as well as high quality automated systems needed in the residential and commercial market place. We offer warranty with all our products, services and installations. We have years of experience with automated doors, installations and services on any kind of doors being used.

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We will provide the best technical advice and service from our highly trained staff members. Our team delivers a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business! 

We do installations, repairs and service of all major brands of automated sliding doors; revolving doors, and iron doors, and aluminum shop fronts and frame-less glass. We also supply, install and repair all types of gates. Our teams supply and install door closer of all types to commercial and industrial sites.

We also offer Sliding Door closer repair and installation; on all your commercial and industrial doors. A delay closing allows the door to remain open; for a set period of time before closing at an adjustable speed. Such a system will allow people in wheelchairs or the elderly; to get through the door before it starts to close. This is also useful in areas where trolleys are in use.

Delay closing provides resistance within the door closer; to prevent the door leaf from being thrown open. This prevents damage to the door, door frame and door handles; caused by people kicking or throwing the door open; and also by the door being violently blown open by the wind. The angle and resistance of the back check can vary; according to your requirements.

Our teams are all around the city, at any time, as we are on call 24/7 to serve you. We also work around your schedule; so you will not have to take time off your busy schedule. Call us to come and take care of all your doors and their hardware, whenever you are available. Call 24 Hours Locksmith Burlington today to set up an appointment!