24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team

24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team will fix a door, its hinge or frame, also its lock and will provide you new keys whenever you want one. Call for our 24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team today. Our 24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team is here right this moment.

24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team

24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team

Our help and service will make sure your doors are properly installed and hold in place all around your property.  We will also repair the door frames and its hardware. When you call , our team will be as fast as 20 minutes to your place to provide you with the help needed.

Call us for help 24/7!

Our team has expert and professional staff, ready to handle any kind of door and lock problem. Having a loose screw hole for a hinge needs immediate repair; otherwise the door will sag and more problems will arise with time. 

In the past we received calls from people asking for advice on how to take care of things themselves. So, here are some tips for you. You could use decking screws. Probably the most permanent way is to use decking screws about 5 inches (12.5 cm) long, especially if it is an exterior door. Check to be sure the heads are the same size ; as this will keep them from protruding and keeping the door from closing fully.

Using the existing holes, run the extra-long screws through the jamb; and into the 2 x 4″ (5 x 10 cm) framing stud inside the wall. This will permanently anchor the door into place and will last for many years. The reason for the extra-long screws is; that they have to pass through the jamb and through a couple of inches of empty space; before hitting the framing stud in the wall. This is so effective that it is generally only necessary to use a couple; of the decking screws per hinge.

Another way to take care of this would be using steel wool. Stuff steel wool into the hole with screwdriver. Fill the hole almost completely. Screw the screw into the hole. And another one will be to use a golf tee. Drive a golf tee into the old hole and use a chisel or cut it flush. Use wood glue for a more permanent fix.

These methods are not very hard and yet, a beginner could make more damage. Remember that 24 Hour Locksmiths Waterloo Fast Team  is here at all hours of the day to help.