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ENTR Smart Lock by Mul-T-Lock – 24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener
New on the market is the Mul-T-Lock’s ENTR smart lock. It has the versatility to please every security conscious homeowner. We have put together a few tips for Kitchener residents to get the most out of the Entr Smart Lock.

Bio-metrics for the entire Family – 24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener
24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener – Everyone who actually lives in the home should be able to take advantage of the bio-metric entry system to allow access, regardless of whether they have a key or code. The bio-metric feature can be considered a replacement for a spare key hidden nearby – one without the risk of an intruder discovering the key and using it to access the home. Also, as a convenience mechanism, this feature frees other family members from the need to rush home in the event that someone is stranded outside. Upon installation, one of the first priorities should be ensuring that every family member who needs access is programmed into the lock and able to use the bio-metric scanner to gain access. 24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener
Let Traditionalists Be Traditional – 24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener
24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener- Some people are simply adverse to technology. Most of us have met people who refuse to use common electronics like cell phones because the very idea of being in close contact with something they don’t understand makes them uncomfortable. For these people, the key or remote control key fob is probably the best option. While the lock should still be programmed into the bio-metric system for emergencies, having an actual key for everyday use can go a long way toward making them happy with the entry system.

Use Temporary Codes for Temporary Access – 24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener
24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener – In situations where someone will have authorization to enter the home temporarily, like a cleaning person or contractor, being able to give them a code to do so is a terrific convenience. The temptation is to create a generic code to give to any such persons. This is a mistake that defeats the purpose of having a programmable lock. The danger when handing over a physical key is that someone could keep a copy after no longer being authorized to enter the home. Having an active code is no different from having a copy of the key. Unless you would feel comfortable handing over a key to someone and letting them keep it forever, delete access codes for these people as soon as they have no further business using it.

Someone Needs a Real Key – 24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener
24 Hour Locksmiths Kitchener- Even in a situation where everyone prefers to use the electronic entry methods to enter the home, at least one person in the family should keep an actual key handy. Things over which we have no control sometimes occur. Suppose a vandal targets the home and takes his primitive pleasure in bashing the lock with a stone – the most likely part of the lock to survive this mistreatment is probably the mechanical locking mechanism.
By following these tips, the ENTR Smart Lock can be a boon to both the security and convenience of any family.