24-7 Locksmith Hamilton

24-7 Locksmith Hamilton can make a new key for your car, can make a key copy for your house, or unlock any kind of lock on any property you have. Call for our 24-7 Locksmith Hamilton when you want a reliable and affordable door and lock service. Call for our 24-7 Locksmith Hamilton to provide you the service you are looking for, with an affordable price.

24-7 Locksmith Hamilton

24-7 Locksmith Hamilton

Most modern cars  have transponder, this is what allows your cars  to start. A transponder is a small glass or carbon chip inside the plastic head; majority of the time you would not even know it is there. The chip sends a message to the cars  computer (ECU); once the cars detects the correct transponder it allows the cars to start.

We highly recommend if you only have one key that you have a spare key on hand; it may seem expensive at the time but it is a lot cheaper and faster option; than if you were to lose all your keys completely.

Call us for any lock or key problems you want help with!

Having a broken remote or remote key shell can be a nuisance. We are able to supply a large range of replacement shells only. This is by far the cheapest option if it is just the plastic; that has broken and saves you having to replace the whole key/remote.

If you are having issues with your remote not working properly; call us – the repair may be as simple as replacing the battery or a worn-out button 

If your car  has been stolen and recovered, had an attempted break in ;or the lock are hard to use/ have stopped working we can help. We can help if a damaged lock or a lock that has stopped working; is able to be repaired for a fracture of the cost of a new lock. We can help if your lock is beyond repair; because we are able to supply new locks keyed to the same key as the rest of your cars .

If you cannot find your keys, we can re-key all the locks to ensure your old keys will no longer work; and there is no risk of someone coming back to steal the cars .

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