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24-7 Ancaster Locksmith receives the most calls from businesses looking to install a special card system to enter their property. Our 24-7 Ancaster Locksmith knows all about any kind of lock or card system, as we have years of experience. Call for our 24-7 Ancaster Locksmith at any time – one of us will always come to your help!

24-7 Ancaster Locksmith

24-7 Ancaster Locksmith

Magnetic Card systems became popular as main security door locks of homes and companies. To keep being secure you have to make sure the reader is always clean; and kept in a safe place. Otherwise, the magnetic strip loses its properties; and will not be read by the reader.

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In fact, the swipe card will easily lose its magnetic strengths for trivial reasons. It is equally sensitive with bank cards and perhaps even more. If you put them together with your ignition car key or other metallic objects; if it is damaged even slightly, it will lose its strengths. The reader will also get dusty and dirty and will not read the card. This is the reason you will not be able to avoid a house or office lockout.

Don’t leave the card anywhere, but keep it in your pocket or bag. It’s easy to lose or forget it if you leave it on the table of a restaurant. Don’t trust the card to children because you will be handing it over a dangerous game.

Lately there have been improvements and some swipe cards would transmit radio signals to readers; to allow access, they are still popular for homes and businesses; where the demands for high security are much higher.

While we do no recommend these systems for homes, as we tend to keep the cards not in safe places; we want to recommend them for us in a business place. People take care of a business property much better.

Call our 24-7 Ancaster Locksmith to have a new card reader system installed on your property; or if you need to replace the old one.